Whitecoat Technologies

A Simplified Healthcare Education Solution

Whitecoat Technologies streamlines healthcare education with a single, simple, digital platform.

Whitecoat Technologies is a healthcare education solution
Remove the silos, increase efficiencies.
Designed to standardize clinical learning opportunities for students while simplifying the experience for program administrators, learners, and health systems through a single, intuitive digital platform.

Intuitive and easy-to-use clinical logging tool

Powerful logging tool designed to enhance tracking of students’ in-person clinical learning exposure and optimizing program administrators’ time and effort to monitor students’ clinical experiences.

Algorithmically-backed accreditation training

Streamlined and optimized clinical training that meets accreditation standards to ensure students are prepared to meet workplace demands upon graduation.

Automated simulated clinical coursework

Whitecoat’s single learning platform uses proprietary learning AI technology to supplement in-person clinical competency exposure with personalized simulated coursework.

How does Whitecoat Technologies help students, program administrators and health systems? Simplicity!

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of students exposed to
required accredited clinical coursework

We solve for the lack of clinical learning exposure and standardization facing students today by algorithmically automating clinical lessons reducing manual administrative interventions

We reduce costs, tech stack, and increase efficiencies by removing fragmented solutions and complexity for students, program administrators and health systems.

We offer a simplified reporting process eliminating the previous lack of visibility for students and program administrators.

Students will be better prepared to enter their chosen clinical field without gaps in learning experiences and exposure.

A single clinical learning platform

Whitecoat Technologies is a clinical learning platform that combines several previously siloed tools into a single solution designed to build confidence, drive efficiency and standardize clinical learning.

Clinical Specialties we’ll be supporting: 

In-person programs | Remote | Hybrid | Physician Assistant | Nurse Practitioner | Registered Nurse | Licensed Practical Nurse | Certified Nurse Tech | Respiratory Therapist | PharmD | Medical Assistant | EMT / Paramedic | Dental Hygienist | Dental Assistant | Physical Therapy | Phlebotomy Technician | Athletic Training | Audiology | Cardiovascular Technology | Clinical Lab Science | Surgical Tech | Speech Language Pathology | Respiratory Care | Rehab Counseling | Occupational Therapy/OTA | Mental Health Counseling | Radiologic Technology | Radiography | Medical Physics | Medical Lab Science | Radiation Therapy | Medical Imaging | Medical Dosimetry | Prosthetics/Orthotics | Podiatric Medicine | Kinesiology | Genetic Counseling | Dietetics & Nutrition | Diagnostic Medical Sonography | Dental Hygiene | Dental Assisting | Counseling | and many more…

For Students

For Program Administrators

Whitecoat Technologies advantages over traditional healthcare education solutions


Whitecoat Technologies’ platform is standardized to meet the requirements of all major accrediting bodies, ensuring that all students receive a consistent and high-quality education.


Whitecoat Technologies’ platform eliminates the need for manual tracking and reporting, freeing up administrators and students to focus on learning.


Whitecoat Technologies’ platform is a cost-effective solution for healthcare organizations. Reduce your tech stack, save money, and increase administrative efficiencies for students, program administrators and health system partners.

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Whitecoat Technologies  is a healthcare education solution designed to standardize clinical learning opportunities for students while simplifying the experience for both program administrators and learners through a single, intuitive digital platform.

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